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Weiss Gallenkamp are market leaders in the provision of accurately controlled climatic rooms, environmental test chambers, laboratory ovens and bespoke controlled environments across which we provide the complete product range from the smallest environmental bench top chamber to the largest bespoke multi room"Controlled Environment" facility. Our globally trusted brands Weiss Technik, VÖtsch and Gallenkamp provide leading products such as the Pharma-Safe and Fitotron ranges. Fitotron being a leading brand for plant growth facilities. Adding to our trusted product ranges, Weiss Gallenkamp research and innovation provides expertise in the design and manufacture of new and bespoke products tailored to your specific needs. Our accurate, stable and precisely controlled rooms, chambers and environments are widely used for component and final product testing, plant growth, finger print development and pharmaceutical stability testing. Weiss Gallenkamp are leaders in a variety of industries and markets. Creating world class capability Weiss Gallenkamp was formed after the successful merger of Weiss Technik and Gallenkamp in 2004 creating a wealth of design and manufacturing expertise in the field of simulated climate control technology. Both companies have a significant history in the development of controlled environmental conditions. Weiss Technik has been trading in the UK since 1965 and over the last 25 years has grown to be the leading global producer of environmental test chambers to all industry sectors. In 1978 Weiss Technik became part of the Schunk Technology Group which employs 7000 people around the globe. The VÖtsch Company became part of the Weiss Technik group in 1995 and has been producing environmental test chambers and climatic rooms for over 75 years. Gallenkamp is part of the German business group Weiss Technik and first traded in the UK in 1880 supplying precision laboratory equipment. In 2004 Weiss Technik purchased the environmental business of Sanyo Gallenkamp forming Weiss Gallenkamp Ltd.

Weiss Gallenkamp Co.

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